Road to Wrestlemania 27: NEW Undertaker vs. Triple H wallpaper!

Vince McMahon has truly brought his aces to the table now. This past week on RAW, we saw the return of not only The Undertaker, but Triple H as well. And as rumors have been swirling around the net, this WrestleMania match has been, in a way, confirmed and is now official as both these legends have come face to face this week. The obvious storyline for this is Triple H seeking revenge against The Undertaker for ending his best friend’s (which is Shawn Michaels) career last year at WrestleMania 26.
This isn’t the first time these two have met on the grandest stage of them all. 10 years ago, at WrestleMania 17/X7, these 2 had a brutal match against each other. Obviously, since the streak is still alive, Undertaker won that match. On April, it’ll probably the same result. I don’t see Triple H winning at all. Reports say this will be Triple H’s last match, that this will be a streak vs. career match too, as he prepares for full-time corporate/backstage work as Vince’s heir apparent. Well, I hope this rumor is completely false as Triple H is still better than half the roster WWE has now. Plus, he’ll be solid in elevating youngsters. Even if he does ‘retire’, I still see him wrestling matches every now and then. As for The Undertaker, the streak will live on. But I hope WWE gives us a real scare on WrestleMania 27 with lots of false finishes and LOTS of finishers done by both these legendary WWE Superstars. Lastly, Shawn Michaels will probably get involved in some sort of a capacity, maybe as an enforcer, just to make things interesting and having The Phenom at a disadvantage. I don’t expect him wearing a referee shirt that day.
Go get this Wrestlemania 27 wallpaper featuring Triple H vs. The Undertaker, with a huge probability of a Streak vs. Career match and involvement of HBK
 Road to WrestleMania 27: Triple H vs. The Undertaker wallpaper
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