WWE Alberto Del Rio "Destined For Greatness" Wallpaper

His Name Is Alberto Del Rio! But you…you already know that. ;)
It’s unconventional to like heels when it comes to wrestling, I know, but Alberto Del Rio is different. Of all the new superstars who have yet to cement themselves as main-event names, Del Rio is most the effective (next to Wade Barrett) in my opinion. He wrestles pretty well, he’s got good mic skills, and when he says he’s going to do something, he actually does it! Let’s face it, even I thought John Morrison would win the Royal Rumble this year but Del Rio proved me wrong. It was, indeed, his destiny to win the biggest Royal Rumble in WWE history.

And although a lot of people will say he entered really late into the match and had only a handful of superstars to knock-off the top rope, that’s pretty much the same thing that happened to guys like The Undertaker and John Cena, who came in last and won the Rumble. In the end, all’s fair when it comes to sealing your spot at WrestleMania. I may not have enjoyed this year’s Rumble as much as I would have wanted to, but I really liked the ending. It’s a breath of fresh air seeing someone like Del Rio win, and to make things better, the man knows how to make it sting for the other superstars who lost. Celebrations, brash trash-talks, mic time… believe it or not, Del Rio has got massive potential and if he keeps the momentum going he’ll be a top-dog in no time. Should he win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 27? Maybe not, because it seems too soon. But he should definitely win it before 2011 is over. Here’s a first for Unchained Wrestling Wallpapers. It’s a wallpaper celebrating Alberto Del Rio’s victory at the Royal Rumble, titled “Destined For Greatness“. Huge “thank yous” go out to VKM for providing the hi-res image of Del Rio.
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