Plans For Tonight RAW 3/14/11

Monday Night Raw is live tonight from St. Louis, MO.   Here are the confirmed details for tonight's show.
--  United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the US title.   If Sheamus loses he will "quit".
--  Vickie Guerrero vs. Trish Stratus.   Vickie must win the match in order to be "hired" on the Raw brand.  This will be Trish's first singles match since her retirement match against Lita in 2006.
--  Randy Orton vs. Nexus member Mason Ryan.    If Ryan wins he will accompany CM PUnk to the ring at Wrestlemania.   If Orton wins, Nexus is banned from ring side.
--  Jersey Shore star Snooki will guest star tonight's show.   They have hinted her possible involvement in the Vickie Guerrero storyline.
WWE will also bring the latest hype for Wrestlemania 27, which is only three weeks away.


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