Road To WrestleMania 27 Stone Cold Wallpaper

When the glass breaks, we all know who’s comin’..Stone Cold Steve Austin, ready to raise hell! Granted he won’t be doing any form of wrestling on WrestleMania 27, his presence alone adds something special in whatever he’s involved in – this time in a heated match between Jerry Lawler and the most hated guy in WWE today, Michael Cole. We’ve seen Austin guest ref a WrestleMania match before (Umaga vs. Lashley at WrestleMania 23) so some of us already have an idea what he’s capable of doing. He’ll definitely be impartial but if you cross him, you’ll pay the price. Truth be told, I’m now more excited as to what will happen after that match because we all know we’ll be treated to a stunner or two, most likely on Jack Swagger and Michael Cole. That would be a funny moment yet again.
With Tough Enough debuting soon, Austin’s presence in WWE should be a given. And now that he’s here, I can’t wait to see him do another stunnin’ and beer drinkin’ WrestleMania moment on April 3! Ahh, I miss you Attitude era.
 Road to WrestleMania 27: Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling wallpaper
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