Road to WrestleMania 27: Where Stars Align Wallpaper

This week, we saw the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin (and JBL for a few minutes) and man, I must say I’m really proud to be a huge WWE fan nowadays. Even my peers are raving about this year’s WrestleMania season and how couldn’t they? Triple H, Undertaker, Trish Stratus, The Rock and now, Stone Cold Steve Austin in just a span of 1 month. Talk about laying all down the aces!
There have been ramblings around the net about how WWE Attitude era is owning WWE PG recently. Yes, I do wish that they eventually get rid of the PG programming but let’s be realistic here, do you guys really see WWE giving up the PG stuff anytime soon? As much as most adult fans want that, the future doesn’t look that way. After WrestleMania 27, most likely the Attitude era nostalgia will be gone again. Stone Cold and The Rock aren’t staying no matter what they say, Triple H is ready to relocate to the corporate ranks and Shawn Michaels is happily retired. The Undertaker has 1-2 years left in his body so he’s the only one who’ll probably stay from these veterans.
No one can deny how these guys have brought ratings up again these past few weeks and to see them feud with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Alberto del Rio, The Miz and CM Punk would be a total treat for everyone. The Rock-Cena-Miz angle has been gold already. How about Stone Cold mixing up with Randy Orton? Even adult fans won’t have anything bad to say about that. I say have them stay until SummerSlam! Just dreaming.
Road to WrestleMania 27: New & Old WWE Superstars wallpaper
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