WrestleMania 27 “Complete Matchcard” Wallpaper

“This is WrestleMania! And folks, it don’t get no better than this.” – Jim Ross
Where Heroes Are Born, Legends Are Made, And Generations Collide! It’s been a long, chaotic, star-studded road, and we’re finally less than a week away from the 27th annual global sports-entertainment phenomenon, WrestleMania! Personally, I cannot wait. So many of my favorite WWE superstars have picked their spots at the event, more precisely many names that dominated the “Attitude Era” will be present at the show.
I have to admit that I’m marking-out at the fact that The Rock will be “hosting” the event. We all know he’s not just going to hold a mic and host. No, when it comes to The Great One, he’s going to tear the house down and blow the roof off the stadium to the roaring ovation of 75,000 avid WWE fans in attendance at the Georgia Dome. The best thing to hope for at the event would be for either John Cena or The Rock to challenge the other to a match at next year’s WrestleMania, which will emanate from Miami. Mark my words, The Rock will return to the ring in a match, and it will happen sooner than you think.
I’m pretty hyped about Randy Orton’s feud with CM Punk. I’ll be rooting for Orton, because his “viper” character is pretty wicked, but I think it’s a safe bet that CM Punk will win this battle. He’s too damn smart to not have something planned already. Speaking of “vipers”, Orton isn’t the only “snake” set to be at the Grandest Stage. The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin (Oh, Hell Yeah!) will be out to raise some hell, although he’ll just be refereeing, but at least we can hope for Michael Cole and Swagger to get their @sses Stunner-ed!  I’ve been waiting for more than a decade to see Cole get the crap bashed out of his f**kin’ annoying face, and we’ve seen how Jerry punched the jaw off Ted DiBiase’s face a few weeks ago, so lets just hope he brings that same energy to the table. I actually hate the fact that a superstar like Austin has to referee matches that involve people like Cole and Jack Swagger, but at least it means he’ll be at the show.
I was hoping Christian would be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match but I guess he’ll be at ringside or something. It’s a shame that Trish Stratus‘ rivalry with Lay-cool was not given a bigger spotlight. Here you have the Diva of The Decade taking on two very successful Divas of this decade, and all they did was have a brawl or two before Snooki got tossed into the mix. Seriously, I’m not a fan of celebrity matches at WrestleMania. I don’t see why these people get to walk in, pretend like they give a s**t about the event, beat WWE superstars and Divas who bust their a$$es week in and week out, and then just dissapear from the scene completely. It’s ridiculous.
And then we have the (re)match that has every WWE superstar, legend, and fan buzzing with pure excitement and anticipation. Triple H, the King Of Kings, has starred into the soulless eyes of the legendary Phenom, The Undertaker, and challenged him to a match at the Showcase of Immortals. And if Triple H gets to end ‘Taker’s unprecedented winning streak, he will indeed be immortalized as the only man to break the unbreakable. But if he fails…as Undertaker put it, he will become another number, a statistic on The Undertaker’s list of victims who he has defeated at the past WrestleMania’s. Either way, this could possibly be the end of an era for one of these iconic superstars. Either The Undertaker walks into his final sunset, or Triple H “dies trying” to do the impossible. It’ll be pure injustice if this match doesn’t end the show because you can be damn sure that both Triple H and The Undertaker will give their absolute best to deliver to us a match unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They did it a decade ago, and they’ll do it all the better a decade later! I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw good ol’ HBK show-up to do some damage as well.
Here’s the complete matchcard wallpaper for the biggest stage in WWE’s landscape; a stage set for championships to be won, legends to be crowned, and for different generations to collide in the center of the ring amidst a sea of WWE fans. Grab your wallpapers and count down the days to the Grandest Stage of Them All!

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