WrestleMania 27 “John Cena vs The Miz” Wallpaper

A Battle For Supremacy On The Grandest Stage!
Okay, lets face it, John Cena vs The Miz isn’t really the WrestleMania match everyone was hoping for.  It may have built-up momentum, but it wasn’t really the feud people were eagerly waiting for. Despite the fact that Randy Orton has faced Cena numerous times before, I think people were willing (and even anticipating) another showdown between the biggest superstars of the current era. I dare say WWE management was pushing for a match of such magnitude when suddenly they realized The Rock was going to be a major draw for the night, and him having a feud with John Cena wasn’t going to work well with Orton. In fact, it would have diluted the match.
So I guess what happened was, WWE decided to make The Rock and John Cena’s “war of words” a major angle on the weeks building up to ‘Mania, with The Miz being Cena’s official opponent, putting the WWE Championship on the line. I have nothing against The Miz, really. If anything, I enjoy the fact that he backs-up what he says and has truly risen to the upper ranks by himself. I may not agree with the “being awesome” part, but he’s a lot better than many of today’s rising superstars. He’s brash, arrogant, and annoying as hell : everything a good heel should rightfully be. As for John Cena, I think we all saw him quickly running back up the ranks to being “No.1 Contender” even before the year began.
What’s funny about this match is the fact that even John Cena verbally bashed The Miz by saying “Orton vs Cena” at WrestleMania would be far better than a Miz vs Cena match. At least he’s honest. Not surprisingly, I’m more keen to know if The Rock will play any kind of role in this showdown. Will he interfere? Will he walk in after the match and layeth’ the smackdown? Will he confront Cena and The Miz before the match begins? Or will he leave the two alone on the Grandest Stage and face them the following night on Raw? It’s mad anticipation, but I’m willing to sit through it just because all the verbal assaults The Great One and John Cena have thrown at each other are not only hard-hitting but also hilarious as hell! It’s sort of like a dream-match, only they’re not physically attacking each other. The only thing I can wish for now is for one of them to challenge the other to a match atWrestleMania 28, in Miami next year. And if that doesn’t happen, I’d at least like to see The Rock and John Cena charge at each other in the ring rather than, say, suddenly team up and bash The Miz and then shake hands or something. That would completely suck.
Anyway, here’s a brand new WrestleMania 27 wallpaper featuring the main event for the WWE Championship, John Cena vs The Miz! It’s a given that John Cena will walk out of this one as WWE Champion, but you never really know. Also, I know there’s been a delay in WrestleMania wallpapers, but worry not, they’re all on they’re way and they’ll be here pretty soon! Keep checkin’ back, all!

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