WrestleMania 27 “Triple H vs The Undertaker” Wallpaper

The Match That Will Define An Era.
When rumors started circulating a while back that Triple H would challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania this year, I dismissed them almost completely, figuring that WWE would wait a while before booking such an epic match just a year after the second legendary confrontation between the Deadman and Shawn Michaels. On 2.21.11, a date that is now engraved in WWE’s illustrious timeline, I was struck with awe when The Undertaker made his triumphant return, and then shocked beyond belief when moments later Triple H made his comeback from nearly a year of hiatus!
If no other match at WrestleMania 27 tempts you, then at least this match betweenThe Phenom and The Game should. WWE may not want to address the fact that this is the second time Triple H is facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but check out WrestleMania 17, which to me is still the greatest WrestleMania of all time, and you’ll see proof. 10 years ago in Houston, Texas, Triple H and The Undertaker went at it in one of the most memorable matches in WWE history. It’s a bad decision on WWE’s part to not mention the feud because it would have only added to the history, chemistry, and build-up of this second encounter. It was brutal, intense, and kept millions of fans worldwide at the edge of their seats. Both men pulled out all the stops; sledgehammers, brawling in the crowd, foreign objects…everything and anything one could do to destroy the other was tried, but in the end the Phenom managed to conquer his opponent. Now, an entire decade later, The King of Kings has returned to try and vanquish the legendary Undertaker and his unprecedented winning streak once and for all!
It’s amazing to see how much has changed in 10 years, and yet how much stays the same. The Undertaker and Triple H are still arguably the most dominant superstars in WWE history, just like they were back in 2001. Both superstars are huge crowd-favorites, with legions of fans backing them up. And just like in 2001,The Cerebral Assassin and The Last Outlaw will go to war once again with no holds barred! In absolute honesty, I’ll be rooting for The Deadman like I always do. Triple H and ‘Taker have displayed awesome matches before, and now at theShowcase of Immortals, I can’t even begin to imagine the amazing showdown these two iconic superstars will put on. My only beef with this feud though, is the fact that both Triple H and ‘Taker are only cutting promos in the ring and aren’t getting in each others’ faces enough. But then again, there’s nothing much these guys need to prove to each other anymore. All they had to do at their ‘face-off’ was stare at the WrestleMania marquee and not say a word, and even then the crowd was going nuts! Make no mistake, this match will be legendary!
As a fan who grew up watching the “Attitude Era“, this is an almost bittersweet rivalry. It’s incredible to witness these superstars still being the best in the business, at the same time it’s sad to know that this is probably the last time we’ll see these two lock horns.
Here’s the wallpaper for the War of Wars, the match that will define an era from which these superstars came and forever mark its presence in WWE’s history, the ultimate battle for glory and immortality. If it’s really time for The Streak to end, then Triple H is one of the few who deserve to break it, but be assured that The Undertaker will not go down without a fight, probably one more epic than any of the battles he’s ever had before.
For those wondering, the city in the background is Atlanta, Georgia, home of WrestleMania 27.
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