WWE SmackDown 4/1/11 Tapings Result

WWE is currently taping matches for this week’s WWE SmackDown in Chicago,airing this Friday On SyFy

* Kofi Kingston beat Wade Barrett by DQ with Wade’s IC Title on the line. The Corre interfered which brought in Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. Kane and Big Show then came out and made the save, ending with a staredown with The Corre.
* Jerry Lawler cut a promo on Michael Cole for their WrestleMania 27 match.
* Cody Rhodes beat Chris Masters. Cody dominated the match and won with CrossRhodes. Rey Mysterio came out and went for a 619 three times but Cody wouldn’t allow it.
The rest of this week’s show will be made up of videos and Axxess footage.


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