WWE SmackDown 4/8/11 Taping Results

WWE SmackDown 4/8//11, Taping Results at the Tim Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, airing this Friday On TV
* Alberto Del Rio opens up SmackDown talking about Edge, Christian and WrestleMania. Edge drives a tow truck out and has Del Rio’s car from WrestleMania on it. Teddy Long comes out and announces Christian vs. Del Rio will take place tonight with the winner facing Edge at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match.
* Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kane and Santino Marella beat The Corre in a 2 of 3 Falls Match. Kofi pinned Justin Gabriel first, Wade Barrett pinned Santino second and the third fall came when The Corre was DQ’d for attacking Kane.
* Cody Rhodes beat Trent Baretta and worked him over until Rey Mysterio made the save.
* Segment with Edge and Christian talking about the possibility of facing each other at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match.
* Promo for Sin Cara.
* Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix beat LayCool. Layla got pinned when Michelle McCool wasn’t there. Tension between them after the match.
* Jack Swagger and Michael Cole come out. Cole brags about WrestleMania. Sin Cara comes out, runs to the ring and takes out Swagger.
* Segment with LayCool. Layla has signed them up for therapy.
* Alberto Del Rio beat Christian in the main event to earn a World Title shot at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match against Edge. This was better than their previous match.


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